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"Nick Fowler is an expansive, lyrical, inventive writer." -- Valerie Sayers, The New York Times Book Review

"Few novels, let alone first ones, deliver such wisdom with as much talent, humor, and emotional force. Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird comes to mind." -- Steven B. Armstrong, Tallahassee Democrat

"Nick Fowler's ambitious, irresistibly melodic debut novel about love in lower Manhattan resonates like a perfect pop song . . . invigorating." -- Los Angeles Times

"This love story is so good--almost too good." -- William McKeen, Orlando Sentinel

"An invigorating blast of originality, wit and heart." -- Mark Rozzo, Los Angeles Times

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Upper Hand Press Publishes Nick Fowler Novella My Virtuous Sister

Dear friends and foes,

I’m thrilled to announce the sublime Upper Hand Press will publish my novella, My Virtuous Sister on August 1st, 2019 (ebook June 28th, 2019).

 The long-awaited-Chinese Democracy of follow-up fiction, Fowler's novella debuts missing 20-year-old Welsh émigré Peddie Smout, faintly famous as a rock star at the end of the last millennium. Among the post-9/11 rubble, her younger brother/soulmate Nate arrives in Holiday-season Manhattan in search of his sister. By piecing-together the ragged index cards of her makeshift diary, Nate unfolds the story of previous New Year’s Eve 1999 and the short fame of songstress Peddie Smout. A character who after sleeping with everyone in the music business and losing her record deal (while gaining a heroin habit), finds salvation in the form of Alcoholics Anonymous. Or, more precisely, in its star member: Teddy D. At whose “sober” New Year’s Eve party we encounter not a few surprises.

 And while Peddie and Nate manage to geographically escape a physically-abusive narcissistic bully of a father whom some of you might recognize, finding peace of mind proves another thing entirely.

 A story of revenge and redemption, I hope it might resonate and give hope to the still sick and suffering.

 Author and screenwriter Bruce Jay Friedman, says of the book, "Stunning. Haunting. This is awfully good. Fiercely and relentlessly engaging. This book will have a long shelf---like forever.”


-Bruce Jay Friedman


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Dear Friends,

Please listen this Fricay at 20.00 till 22.00 CET as the wonderful Annoeska interviews Splinter. Thank you for all your support, Annoeska!